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Meeting Ground: Yard of the Yard
Meeting Ground: Yard of the Yard

Meeting Ground is a collaborative collection of projects that considers the ground as a point of entry to shared space where interconnection between earth and self, individual and other is made visible. Artists, curators and activists Susan Main and MJ Neuberger invite participants to look down and interact with spaces they walk upon.

Individual actions in parcels of equal and finite measure are interwoven across distance and international boundaries while ritual impressions made in soil suggest reconnection to indigenous bodies. Haptic and visual experiences combined with geolocation and context encourage deeper exploration of the ground we hold in common.

“Yard of the Yard” is a Meeting Ground project that invites artists and non-artists to point a camera at the ground and share one yard (36 X 36 inches) of their yards via recorded and live streaming video. The project asks participants to consider a patch of ground and the actions/impacts they make on their “yard” and the soil. The yards are projected in a variety of sites at scale including Swale House and Lab on Governor’s Island, public spaces including schools and community centers, and art centers. Participants are invited to send their soil for analysis if their “yard” is softscape.